Computer engineering in the 1950’s

In the new main building of Moscow State University that opened in 1953 there were the newest computers installed that were used during the practical classes of the department of mechanics and mathematics.

This documental video is a part of a film telling about the complex of new buildings of MSU on the Lenin hills (now called Vorobievi) and a film about academician Sergei Sobolev, the chef of the chair of «Computational mathematics» at that time.

A keyboard counting machine — is a machine «that immediately does four arithmetical rules itself».

A tabulator that «prints itself the results of computations».

A machine that being given coefficients solves a system of differential equations and draws the solution on it's screen. Who knows why, but discontinuous...

«A student from Armenia Anrei Gonchar» long ago became academician. From 1972 till 2002 Andrei Alexandrovich was the chef of the Division of complex calculus in Steklov Mathematical Institute, RAS.

An electro integrator is a machine with «the highest mathematical abilities».

All that happened not so long ago, but look how the world has changed since then…